My Money is (May)Flying away!

Fashion posts on my blog are like buses- you wait flipping ages for one and then two come at once! I bought another pair of trainers today, so I thought I'd give a little run down of these, like I did with my new Vans x Schulz the other day! These new ones are the … Continue reading My Money is (May)Flying away!

Have a Snoop at my Snoopy Shoes

Everyone knows the comic Peanuts, by Charlie M. Schulz. Even if you've never seen it/ read it, you're surely familiar with the characters of Snoopy the dog, or Charlie Brown. So, when Vans, the clothing company, recently announced a collaboration with Schulz, I was very excited. But, Vans have done some really crap collabs, so … Continue reading Have a Snoop at my Snoopy Shoes

My Adventure in Romania

*After yesterday's post about inspiration I decided to look through trips I've already been on, to share here!* My trip to Timisoara, Romania, was one which started with a 2.30 am alarm, a 3.00 am cycle and a 4.00 am bus journey arriving at Dusseldorf Weeze airport at 5.00am. Our flight wasn't until midday.. Travelling on Sundays … Continue reading My Adventure in Romania

I’ve Got The Post-Travel Blues…

Ever since I've come back from my year abroad I've been generally uninspired. Getting back into a normal routine, in a town I've lived in my entire life, is wholly depressing. I miss a sense of adventure... of taking a wrong turn down a street and ending up somewhere I've never been before... of going … Continue reading I’ve Got The Post-Travel Blues…

I Got a Camera!

How much blog can a blogger blog if a blogger doesn't blog with a proper camera? Up until everything I've posted has been taken with the iPhone 6, not even the latest iPhone, so today is a glorious day! At long last, I can post high quality photos and give myself that professional edge. Saying … Continue reading I Got a Camera!

Soaking Up The Sun in Cascais!

Since I've returned home from the Netherlands my blogging schedules been crap- I'm really sorry! I promise I'll be back to posting at least every other day soon, but recently life has been in the way! Today's post rounds up the end of my trip to Lisbon, which despite being so recent, feels like a … Continue reading Soaking Up The Sun in Cascais!

Looking Round Lisbon!

I'd been in Portugal, specifically Lisbon, for four days before I actually ventured into the city centre. When I got there it lived up to everything I was hoping for, and more! I thought perhaps it may feel like a typical Spanish city, but it was so much more than that- arty and unique, with … Continue reading Looking Round Lisbon!

My Student Life- Fiction and Reality…

I know the university year is just about over, but a whole year of students will be finding out whether they've got their grades pretty soon, so a uni post is always pretty useful, right? Before I started, three years ago now, I'd heard loads of stereotypes and things that were 'guaranteed' to happen to … Continue reading My Student Life- Fiction and Reality…