My Money is (May)Flying away!

Fashion posts on my blog are like buses- you wait flipping ages for one and then two come at once! I bought another pair of trainers today, so I thought I’d give a little run down of these, like I did with my new Vans x Schulz the other day!

These new ones are the Nike Mayfly Wovens, which I reckon are a bit of a marmite shoe; you either love them or hate them. Considering I bought a pair I’m on the love end of the spectrum!


They’re super super light and breezy, so perfect as a summer trainer, and as you can see, they’ve actually got quite a lot of holes in them, which is very unique and pretty darn cool! They’re made of suede which is v nice, and the soles are Nike’s phylite foam, which is soOoOo comfy!!!



I usually stick to white or black for my trainers, maybe with a splash of colour somewhere on them, so moving into this shade of green is entering new pastures for me. I think it’s a really nice shade, and although I toyed with getting them in black, I think such an individual trainer deserved an individual colourway. They’ll still be pretty easy to pair with clothes, because I don’t wear many colours elsewhere!


Unlike my recent purchase, the Vans, which were a reasonable £57, these trainers are a wee bit more on the pricey side, clocking in at around £90/95 depending where you look. I know that for trainers this is pretty average, but I’m not made of money so these made a dent! Still, the superior quality and aesthetic makes it worthwhile!


I also bought a few other bits and bobs today and recently, which I may make into a July favourites tomorrow… Make sure you’re following me, to be sure to find that post! As always, thanks for reading!




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