My 2018 Travel Plans

This blog kind of started out as a travel blog, but I was living in the Netherlands at the time, and so getting a bus an hour away was enough to constitute travelling. Now I'm back in England, with little money or time. But, I can't let this stop me altogether! Firstly I'll definitely be … Continue reading My 2018 Travel Plans

Soaking Up The Sun in Cascais!

Since I've returned home from the Netherlands my blogging schedules been crap- I'm really sorry! I promise I'll be back to posting at least every other day soon, but recently life has been in the way! Today's post rounds up the end of my trip to Lisbon, which despite being so recent, feels like a … Continue reading Soaking Up The Sun in Cascais!

My England Travels In Instagrams

A while ago I wrote a blog post where I went through my old Instagram pictures and talked about they showed my life changing. I really enjoyed the little nostalgia trip so I thought today I'd do a part two, of sorts, and go through the different places I've visited in England, the country I'm … Continue reading My England Travels In Instagrams