My Student Life- Fiction and Reality…

I know the university year is just about over, but a whole year of students will be finding out whether they’ve got their grades pretty soon, so a uni post is always pretty useful, right? Before I started, three years ago now, I’d heard loads of stereotypes and things that were ‘guaranteed’ to happen to me. But how true are the student life myths?

You’ll get Fresher’s Flu- After, at least, a solid week of drinking, partying, late nights and whatever other hijinx, all shared with thousands of strangers, it makes sense you’ll pick up a bit of a runny nose. But, I wouldn’t say this is a guarantee. I did get a bout of freshers flu in my first two years of uni, but many of my friends didn’t. So maybe it’s immune systems, maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s diet, who really knows?

You’ll live off noodles- Unless you’re super lucky, money will probably be a bit tight whilst you’re a student. Combine this with the fact that most students aren’t Michelin starred chefs and you’ve got a reasonable case for a diet of instant noodles and cheap take-aways. I’ve not known anyone to solely live off the stuff either. They’re actually a really convenient addition to your weekly meals, a quick lunch between lectures for example. Plus, switching from super noodles to something like Kabuto noodles means you won’t be consuming flipping loads of saturated fats.


You have to drink alcohol all the time- Straight up, this one definitely isn’t true. You do you. Uni’s what you make of it, and if you don’t want to be drinking, do something else. There’s plenty on offer, and plenty of non-drinkers. You’ll be absolutely fineeeeeee.


Student housing is filthy and disgusting- True for some, but not all… I never let anywhere I lived get too disgusting, nor did the people I live with. Some people are happy to live in dirt and that’s fine- I’d just rather not. And, say you live with 5 others who are dirty, you can at least keep your own room clean.

Thanks for reading, I know this was something a bit different, but I thought I’d give university writing a go, seeing as I’m going back soon. I’d like to hear what you thought on it!

*ALSO! A big thank you to Kabuto Noodles, who kindly provided me with some of their product to aid in the writing of this blog post- delicious!*


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