A Busy Bank Holiday in London!

It's been a whole week since I last posted! I used to post daily!! I promise I won't leave you waiting this long again, but it's with good reason- I've been v v busy! Starting off with the weekend just gone, which was a three day one here in England! I spent both Saturday and … Continue reading A Busy Bank Holiday in London!

Approaching Autumn..

August already.. jeez! Where has the summer gone? And more importantly, why did the sun never come! There's been a hell of a lot of rain recently, and not a lot of opportunities to catch a tan.. So in many regards I guess it's felt like Autumn for a while already... But, according to the … Continue reading Approaching Autumn..

Starting a Smoothie Company!

Have you noticed a theme in my last few posts? Yep. Smoothies. It got me remembering, many years ago, when I went to the Royal Opera House in London, to pitch a smoothie company to the head of Innocent (the drinks company now owned by Coca Cola). So I'm going to tell you this story! … Continue reading Starting a Smoothie Company!

Smoothies in Southend- Again!!

The other day I went to Southend and told you all about it. Today I did basically the same thing... But! When I last went, I only had a coffee in a new cafe/bar called the Molo Lounge... Today was the day that I tried the food! (Woaaaah!) I won't bother repeating how cool the … Continue reading Smoothies in Southend- Again!!

My Final Milestone Post For a While! (250 Followers)

So I've hit 250 followers! Woooooo! A quarter of a thousand sounds great! Thank you every single person who follows, it makes me smile every time I check that little number! I'm not going to post about milestones anymore- not until I hit 500 anyway! (Hopefully one day!!) My goals to hit it by Christmas- … Continue reading My Final Milestone Post For a While! (250 Followers)