Approaching Autumn..

August already.. jeez! Where has the summer gone? And more importantly, why did the sun never come! There's been a hell of a lot of rain recently, and not a lot of opportunities to catch a tan.. So in many regards I guess it's felt like Autumn for a while already… But, according to the calendar, we've still got a few more weeks… Obviously, this doesn't stop the shops stocking their Fall ranges starting from weeks ago, so I did a little seasonal shopping to share with you today. And what better place to photograph than a woods. The one place where every season is emphasised the most. I've got a new found respect for bloggers now I've experienced getting changed in the middle of nowhere too!

Let's start off with UNIQLO, who I'm a big fan of this Autumn. They had so many awesome t-shirts out, but as with most of their stuff, it all sold out online superrrr quick and I only managed to pick up two graphic tees and a plain one.




This tee is a collab with the artist Keith Haring, who I know from Krooked Skateboards, iconic art from my youth! The design is pretty awesome, really classic Haring, in classic primary colours. The shade of blue is also really nice, it kind of looks like it's had a couple of washes already, in that nice worn way.



This tee is also a collab with an artist, though I'm not familiar with the guy or his work, so I won't profess to be! It's a little bit cringey with the whole you deserve love vibe, but I guess that's also kinda cute! It looks good anyway, and you can't go too far wrong with a white tee. My biggest complaint about these two from UNIQLO though, is the fit. I opt for XL, because I'm 6 foot 2 and I like to wear my clothes a bit oversized. However, these aren't really that long, but very wide! I guess for genuine XL sized people this works better, but maybe I should try just a large…


This is the last thing I bought, just a brown long sleeve tee, but oh my god is it comfy. It's the softest material I've ever felt! And also a much better fit as an XL than the graphic tees. I really recommend the soft touch range as a wardrobe staple. UNIQLO outdo themselves on that front.


This blue and white striped tee is from Topman, and they had bloody loads of them in stock, in a whole range of colours. I've already written about how stripes were the thing this summer, but now it seems like they're going to transition into Autumn too! This is only positive, because I'm loving them! And they also go great underneath jackets and over-shirts!


Finally, I got this Fila tee, from JD. 90s sports brands had a big revival recently, and I managed to pick this up for pretty cheap, so I was happy. It's just white, with a grey upper, but it's understated and cool.

Everything in this post was £10 or under, with the exception of the graphic tees which were £12.. Like really! How good is that! It shows that you can bulk up your wardrobe with some really nice pieces, without blowing the bank! Also, I appreciate that I literally only bought tees in this post, but I'm awaiting an order from Levis, so I may do a little post on that once it's come! Until then, thanks very much for reading! Please leave a follow and some feedback- I put a lot of effort into this post (and all of them really!) and it means a lot when I hear something back!


Check out Dan, he took the photos of me in this post! If there's photos of me in a post, generally assume they're taken by him!



5 thoughts on “Approaching Autumn..

  1. Jarrad–Love the Keith Haring T-shirt. I raised my kids in Kutztown, PA, USA, where Keith grew up. Love traveling around the world and seeing his designs–Italy (a small shop in Venice) and a poster in a bar in Brussels, Belgium. Now, your blog!


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