Young and Unemployable…

I guess I share a lot of stories on this blog, but they're usually just run downs of trips and events. I guess this is more of a life update? Anyway, as you can guess from the title- I can't get a job!!!

I've been applying for l o a d s, and application forms aren't quick! I'm not even being fussy! Any sort of part time job, that I can do alongside uni, and I'm there! But it's not to be…

It's not even like I'm not experienced- I've worked in a cafe and a restaurant, and been an extra in movies, but clearly this isn't enough? I don't get it! It's a hard life!

But hey ho, I won't be giving up! I just needed to vent a little bit, so sorry about that… and I've got plenty of perspective, I know there are people looking to support families who can't get work either! Anyway, thanks for reading! Sorry for such a short post- I'm off to Lincoln, a city up North tomorrow, so expect a post about that!

4 thoughts on “Young and Unemployable…

  1. I do understand your frustration but believe me it could be worse. My sister’s husband was the regional manager/ sales person for a chain of sporting good stores. He lost his job several months ago because the chain went out of business. He has a lot of experience and excellent references but he has been out of work for months- and he has a family to support. His problem is the opposite of yours- he is almost 60 years old and nobody will hire anyone that close to retirement. You have more hope of getting a job than he does. You might really enjoy volunteer work which looks great on a resume and gives you very good references. That is exactly how I got a good job. The best of luck to you.


  2. Yes life is hard and the older you get the harder it is to find a job, take it from someone who has been looking for 5 years. I like you just want part time, something to till a day or two. At 57 I am looked at as if I am mad to even ask for a position.


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