Woodland Walking…

If you saw my previous post, all about fashion, you'll have seen the photos were taken in the woods. But as much as I went to take these, I also went because it was a lovely summers day! The woods of choice was in Hockley, a little town in Essex. It's a really cool place because there's … Continue reading Woodland Walking…

Approaching Autumn..

August already.. jeez! Where has the summer gone? And more importantly, why did the sun never come! There's been a hell of a lot of rain recently, and not a lot of opportunities to catch a tan.. So in many regards I guess it's felt like Autumn for a while already... But, according to the … Continue reading Approaching Autumn..

Photography With A Glass Prism

I saw some really cool videos of people trying photography with a glass prism so I thought I'd buy one for myself. Now I'm super super new to photography, and I didn't even leave my garden to take these photos so don't judge too hardly! But here's my first ever attempts, without any editing, photoshop … Continue reading Photography With A Glass Prism

A Spontaneous Sunny Day Picnic In Holland!

The sun is well and truly out in the Netherlands this week, and it's also ascension weekend. This is a Christian event which is actually a public holiday here, so everyone is off work and out enjoying the weather! Today we decided it would be a good idea to cycle to a park about 15 … Continue reading A Spontaneous Sunny Day Picnic In Holland!

Chilling With The Animals at Skansen!

The final full day of my Stockholm trip blessed up with 26 degree sun, which is surely pretty rare for Sweden! It was an absolute scorcher, so obviously we wanted to spend it outdoors. We'd planned on going to a World Heritage Site which was a cemetery, but it was a good hour and a … Continue reading Chilling With The Animals at Skansen!

Sculptures In The Forest

A little while ago, in one of the finer anonymous towns of South Western England, I visited a sculpture 'garden'. I put quotation marks around the word garden because it was far more than that. It was an entire forest filled with over 200 sculptures, and whilst some of them were proudly on display, some … Continue reading Sculptures In The Forest