My First Carnival Experience!

Carnival is a huge deal in the Netherlands. Around Easter every year a weekend is set aside for this FOUR!! day event, stretching from Saturday to Tuesday. On Friday I got a text from a friend asking if I wanted to go on a spontaneous trip down to Maastricht, famous for its huge carnival atmosphere,... Continue Reading →

My Year in Travel (As Of Now)

After arriving back from Romania on Wednesday my mind has been on one thing- travel, and so within the past few days I've booked another two trips... Palma, Mallorca At the end of next month I'm heading to one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain to get some Spring time sun! Frankly... Continue Reading →

Finding My Niche..

I've been writing two blog posts a day for about a week now. In this short time I've written about music, fashion, travel and general opinion, which is a quite a mix. Now, they say variety is the spice of life, but I'm not sure I'm qualified in all these topics to talk about them.... Continue Reading →

The Great Debate- Setlists..

Something I always like to do before going to a gig/concert/show (delete as necessary) is look up the setlists from the bands last few shows. I like to obsess over which songs are being played, what they open and close with, which songs are saved for the encore, whether they mix it up each night... Continue Reading →

What I’m Listening To- February 2017

2017 has been pretty solid for music releases so far, especially those of UK artists. I'm not sure all of these songs/albums are February releases but they're all being repeated on my Spotify lately. Sampha- Process Jeez. This album is nothing short of incredible. It's deeply personal; full of demons and anxieties which are so... Continue Reading →

We Need a New Word!

Something that's bugged me for a long time now is using the word dry for wine... Wine, the last time I checked was a liquid, and by their very nature liquids are wet. So who was the brain box who thought 'hmm this wet wine is very dry!'? It isn't! It might dry your mouth... Continue Reading →

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