We Need a New Word!

Something that’s bugged me for a long time now is using the word dry for wine… Wine, the last time I checked was a liquid, and by their very nature liquids are wet. So who was the brain box who thought ‘hmm this wet wine is very dry!’? It isn’t! It might dry your mouth out- but that’s a different story! I’ve always been told that if I drop my phone in water I should stick in a bag of rice overnight to dry it out- do the super rich use an expensive champagne? Or do they get out the shower and think, hmm no I won’t use a towel today, pass me the Sauvingnon blanc Alfred! (classic butler name) To be quite honest, describing a drink as dry puts me right off- give me a pint anyday.. but not any of this ‘American Style Dry Lager’ crap!

I reckon it’s time for a new word.. time to invent something that actually makes sense! Let’s save dry for sand, which is literally the opposite of wet. Down with dry!!

Thanks for putting up with my rant.. expect more!

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