My Advice For Anyone Moving To Holland

This might be a a post for a bit of a niche audience, but after spending a year living in the beautiful Netherlands, I feel I've got a little bit of expertise to share. So, whether you're emigrating for good, or going there to study, here's my two cents. Make sure you can cycle!!! It's … Continue reading My Advice For Anyone Moving To Holland

The Best Places To Visit In Holland (That Aren’t Amsterdam)

Everyone knows Amsterdam. It's the capital, it's super easy to get to, and flights are cheap. And whilst it is an incredible place, there is soOoOo much more to the beautiful Netherlands, so I'm going to run down a few well known places and a couple of lesser known ones, that are definitely worth a … Continue reading The Best Places To Visit In Holland (That Aren’t Amsterdam)

Cycling From Holland To Germany

This was no easy feat for two inexperienced cyclists. It was, according to Google, a 21 ( TWENTY ONE!!!) mile (MILE!!!) round trip, and this didn't include our detours due to getting lost, and our diversions to get drinks! We set off from Nijmegen, Netherlands, and had a lovely route planned which would take us … Continue reading Cycling From Holland To Germany

Glass Animals// TivoliVredenburg Utrecht// 04.05.2017

I can't profess to be a long time fan of Glass Animals, as much as I'd like to. I first heard of them on Radio 1 when they dropped the first single from the newest album- 'Life Itself'. I instantly fell in love with the chilled yet dancey vibe and checked out their previous work … Continue reading Glass Animals// TivoliVredenburg Utrecht// 04.05.2017

My Life In Instagrams

Now, obviously I haven't had Instagram my entire life, but I got the app in about 2013, so it holds a lot of memories throughout my journey into adulthood. This post is a bit of a blast through the past, starting when I turned 18. I hope you enjoy! My birthday is on the 28th … Continue reading My Life In Instagrams

Doughnuts in Den Bosch!

I opened my curtains this morning (just like everyday) and to my surprise the sun shone down on me! Sunny days have been few and far between recently in the Netherlands, so today was a real treat. To make the most of it we decided, spontaneously, to head to a different Dutch city to explore … Continue reading Doughnuts in Den Bosch!

5 Things I Miss Whilst Living Abroad

Now, I know I only live in The Netherlands and not somewhere super foreign and exotic but believe me, there are some differences which really stop the place from feeling like England. So I thought I'd list a few things I miss from home, and if you're reading this from a similar perspective let me … Continue reading 5 Things I Miss Whilst Living Abroad

Two Door Cinema Club // Utrecht TivoliVredenburg // 28/02/2017

I first saw Two Door Cinema Club at Ally Pally in 2013, arguably in their prime, and I remember it being a super energetic affair. Four years on and I'm now 21, so I was more than grateful to find a spot against the upper balcony where I could watch the action unfold and sip … Continue reading Two Door Cinema Club // Utrecht TivoliVredenburg // 28/02/2017