The ASOS ‘Hack’ Everyone’s Talking About..

Trainers are cheaper in America, it's a fact. They even have a cheaper word for the things- sneakers (ew). Recently all over facebook and wherever else, I've seen that if you switch your ASOS location to the US and the currency to pounds, all those expensive branded goods become way cheaper. I was intrigued... I've … Continue reading The ASOS ‘Hack’ Everyone’s Talking About..

My Money is (May)Flying away!

Fashion posts on my blog are like buses- you wait flipping ages for one and then two come at once! I bought another pair of trainers today, so I thought I'd give a little run down of these, like I did with my new Vans x Schulz the other day! These new ones are the … Continue reading My Money is (May)Flying away!

Have a Snoop at my Snoopy Shoes

Everyone knows the comic Peanuts, by Charlie M. Schulz. Even if you've never seen it/ read it, you're surely familiar with the characters of Snoopy the dog, or Charlie Brown. So, when Vans, the clothing company, recently announced a collaboration with Schulz, I was very excited. But, Vans have done some really crap collabs, so … Continue reading Have a Snoop at my Snoopy Shoes

My Trainer Collection- Part 1 (Black/White)

I've got a real weakness for trainers and not enough money to satisfy my desires. I have a tiny collection, and I don't particularly go for the latest releases, but I thought I'd show a few pairs in this post. Enjoy.. Jean Andre for HVW8 x Adidas Skateboarding These are my most limited edition trainers … Continue reading My Trainer Collection- Part 1 (Black/White)