A Year Ahead In Gigs

I like to make little lists looking forward, because it's kind of exciting and I feel like it makes them come quicker. I thought today that I'd share this list, specifically this time with what gigs I've got coming up.. All of these are in London, because that's basically the only place near me to … Continue reading A Year Ahead In Gigs

5 Things I Love About The Netherlands

I often wonder what my year abroad would've been like if I decided to study somewhere else... The allure of some Spanish sun has often left me thinking about what could have been, but truthfully there are many things I love about the Netherlands! Canals, canals, canals! This picture doesn't demonstrate it very well, but … Continue reading 5 Things I Love About The Netherlands

Things I Hate About Travelling

So far, over the course of my year abroad, I've visited 19 cities across 10 countries, so I've finally got a bit of travelling experience under my belt. For the most part, I've loved every single minute, but there are a few trivial things which I really do hate... (None of these pictures will relate … Continue reading Things I Hate About Travelling

The Great Debate- Setlists..

Something I always like to do before going to a gig/concert/show (delete as necessary) is look up the setlists from the bands last few shows. I like to obsess over which songs are being played, what they open and close with, which songs are saved for the encore, whether they mix it up each night … Continue reading The Great Debate- Setlists..