What I’m Listening To- February 2017

2017 has been pretty solid for music releases so far, especially those of UK artists. I’m not sure all of these songs/albums are February releases but they’re all being repeated on my Spotify lately.

Sampha- Process

Jeez. This album is nothing short of incredible. It’s deeply personal; full of demons and anxieties which are so eloquently performed through Sampha’s dreamy voice. Seriously, his voice is awesome. Soothing but emotional in the best ways. I can’t recommend this album enough, and if this doesn’t persuade you to give it a listen, the fact that he’s been sought out by and worked with Jessie Ware, Drake and Kanye West, to name just a few, should. Seriously impressive stuff. South London’s finest.

Loyle Carner- Yesterday’s Gone

I’m not massively into rap, hip hop or grime, but I give credit where credits due, and listen when I enjoy. This is a welcome break from the English grime which dominates the rap scene in the UK at the moment, much more melancholy with more substance. Plus I just like the tone to his voice which surely is important with rap. It’s a really good album and I’m sure he’s going to explode far more so than he already has.

Little Dragon- High

The first new song from Little Dragon in a while and it’s a good’n. Chilled beats and chilled vocals compliment each other perfectly. But really adding to the song is an background slightly darker sounding synth sound which adds another dimension to the song. It’s almost cinematic; you can imagine it setting a scene easily. I’ve been playing this song a hell of a lot in the couple of days it’s been out and there’s no sign of getting sick of it yet! Hoping for a new album soon..


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