My Trainer Collection- Part 1 (Black/White)

I’ve got a real weakness for trainers and not enough money to satisfy my desires. I have a tiny collection, and I don’t particularly go for the latest releases, but I thought I’d show a few pairs in this post. Enjoy..

Jean Andre for HVW8 x Adidas Skateboarding


These are my most limited edition trainers I own, originally only released exclusively at a HVW8 event. (HVW8 is an art gallery in LA) I managed to pick up my pair when they were released later through a limited amount of stores chosen by Adidas. I read an interview with the artist Jean Andre who said he wanted them to look like white Seelys which are stepping in a black puddle, pretty cool. I thought they’re super different and quite out there so worth a purchase, and I’ve never seen anyone wearing any in real life. My one minor problem with them is I never know what to wear with them.. but maybe I’m just not fashion minded enough! I don’t think they were too expensive for limited edition trainers either, maybe £70? Cheaper than my next pair below which aren’t limited.

Nike SB Stephan Janoski Max


When Nike SB released the original Janoskis I was impressed but never enough to buy a pair.. But when they released the Janoski Max I was sold! I love the combination of the air max sole with the classic Janoski upper. They’re super comfy, go with basically anything and look great. They’re pretty low profile which is always good and they compliment blue jeans which sometimes I think is a struggle with black trainers that have white detailing. They do squeak a bit though, which really annoys me.. I just checked the Nike store and these are £90 which is a fair price, but some colourways are a fair bit cheaper!

Vans Old Skool


You can see from the picture I’ve had a heap of wear from these. I’ve had them for ages, before they fairly recently came ‘In’ in a big way. (so hipster) There isn’t much to say about them really because they are just such a classic. Everyone knows that trademark Vans stripe and I don’t think you an beat this colourway, though saying they I want a white or grey pair soon.. They’re a really affordable trainer, only £55 so you can’t go wrong!

Stay tuned for a part 2 of my trainers collection coming soon and thanks for reading!

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