My 2017 in Review

So there's one day left of 2017 and to me it feels like a chapter of my life is definitely closing with the change into 2018. I started my year off in Edinburgh, ringing in the year at the annual Hogmanay which was definitely a good, memorable night but maybe symbolic for my whole year- … Continue reading My 2017 in Review

My Top 5 Albums of the Year!

It's been a pretty good year for music- no complaints from me! I could easily do a top 10, 20- probably 40 albums of the year, but no-one wants to read that, so I'm sticking to top 5. Let me know your top albums of the year. 5. Kendrick Lamar- DAMN. I'm sure this album's … Continue reading My Top 5 Albums of the Year!

What I’m Listening To- February 2017

2017 has been pretty solid for music releases so far, especially those of UK artists. I'm not sure all of these songs/albums are February releases but they're all being repeated on my Spotify lately. Sampha- Process Jeez. This album is nothing short of incredible. It's deeply personal; full of demons and anxieties which are so … Continue reading What I’m Listening To- February 2017