Re-branding My Blog??

So I've been thinking long and hard, and basically my name really isn't that catchy or memorable.. Jarrad Saul.. Also the spelling of Jarrad isn't the regular one (jared) so I'm considering a re-brand, if that's what you'd call it.. Here, I'm going to run through some new potential names- I've stuck to blog names … Continue reading Re-branding My Blog??

If I Were A Girl…

Maybe a bit of an odd post this one? I was looking through my wardrobe earlier thinking 'I'm so glad I'm male- throwing on jeans a t-shirt is so simple. Girls have to go through so much more effort to put an outfit together.' I think I have a basic idea of female fashion, but … Continue reading If I Were A Girl…

The Best Places To Visit In Holland (That Aren’t Amsterdam)

Everyone knows Amsterdam. It's the capital, it's super easy to get to, and flights are cheap. And whilst it is an incredible place, there is soOoOo much more to the beautiful Netherlands, so I'm going to run down a few well known places and a couple of lesser known ones, that are definitely worth a … Continue reading The Best Places To Visit In Holland (That Aren’t Amsterdam)

3 Ways Living Abroad Has Changed Me

My year abroad has officially ended, I've handed in my departure form and I've got the ball rolling on de-registering as a Nijmegen citizen. I do still have my flat until mid July so there'll be some more Dutch posts coming your way, but until then here's what I've learnt this year, and how it's … Continue reading 3 Ways Living Abroad Has Changed Me

Getting A Little Better At Photoshop…

Five days ago I downloaded photoshop, instantly edited a few photos and whacked them up on here. Ever since I've been tinkering away, trying out new bits and bobs, and I think I've improved a bit! Here's a few little pieces! From this... to... I think this is the photo I'm proudest of! It took me quite … Continue reading Getting A Little Better At Photoshop…

30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

I guess this is just a slightly less morbid bucket list? I'd love to tick all 30 things off in the next 9 years (8 and a half really *scary*!) but hey, there's no rush aye?!1.Own an original art piece-  One day I'd love to buy something done by Kaws.2.Write a novel- I've plenty of … Continue reading 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30

Visiting Tilburg + Seeing Paramore!

The Dutch trains well and truly failed me yesterday. I was hoping to get a nice and easy direct route to Tilburg, which should've taken no more than 40 minutes. However, all of these direct trains were cancelled and I had to get two trains with a 30 minute wait in the middle!! So, my … Continue reading Visiting Tilburg + Seeing Paramore!