I Wrote Some Poetry

I'm an English Literature/ Creative Writing student at university, but I always struggle with poetry. I'm too matter of fact with my words, which works with my style in prose, but leaves a lot to be desired in my poems. It's a style, nonetheless, and one that I suppose is not the most sophisticated, but … Continue reading I Wrote Some Poetry

When The Sun Comes Out, Stripes Come Out!

It's just a little over a month now until I'm off to Lisbon- woo! The temperature there averages something mad like 30 degrees Celsius in July so I thought it was about time I ordered some summer clothes from ASOS. Multicoloured Striped T-Shirt- ASOS- £16 This summers main trend for males is stripes, so when … Continue reading When The Sun Comes Out, Stripes Come Out!

My 5 Favourite Cities In Europe

I've visited a fair few cities over the past year- 21 to be precise, and that's only including ones I've been to for the first time, not in my home country. I've enjoyed every single one, but some more than others, so I thought I'd run down my top 5. 5th Place- Rotterdam, Netherlands Living … Continue reading My 5 Favourite Cities In Europe

If We Were Having Coffee…

I first saw this blog on natalievinh.com so go check that out. I really enjoyed her version of this post, so I thought I'd have a go myself. If we were having coffee I'd be drinking an Americano, without milk but with a little sugar. I'm a little bit lactose intolerant and milky drinks make me … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee…

Get To Know Me: 20 Facts About Me

My full name is Jarrad Raine Saul, and R Saul sounds a little bit like 'arsehole' which is unfortunate. I have one sibling, a younger sister named Phoebe. I study English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire. I'm currently on an Erasmus year in Nijmegen, Holland, at Radboud University. My number one … Continue reading Get To Know Me: 20 Facts About Me

My Deepest Darkest Thoughts 1

I've really quite enjoyed writing 'A Social Commentary 1+2' recently. The act of writing my abstract thoughts is cathartic and helps to compartmentalise my brain. But this topic doesn't really fit. It's a topic which I'm kind of obsessed with, more than the average person perhaps, and that topic is growing up.  Throughout my teenage … Continue reading My Deepest Darkest Thoughts 1

A Spontaneous Sunny Day Picnic In Holland!

The sun is well and truly out in the Netherlands this week, and it's also ascension weekend. This is a Christian event which is actually a public holiday here, so everyone is off work and out enjoying the weather! Today we decided it would be a good idea to cycle to a park about 15 … Continue reading A Spontaneous Sunny Day Picnic In Holland!