My Latest Venture!

So a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do to make money, and my contract at Sainsbury's recently ended so whilst I'm looking for a new job I've decided to start sourcing great items of clothes and selling them on! I know you may be thinking why would I buy clothes from someone who's … Continue reading My Latest Venture!

Why I’m Not A Food Blogger!!

The amount of times I've been messing around in the kitchen and ended up cooking something tasty by accident is countless (there's also countless times I've cooked something barely passable as edible but that's not helping my point.) After some of my successes I've been tempted to try and replicate them with some photos along … Continue reading Why I’m Not A Food Blogger!!

A Tick Off My Bucketlist..

No not skydiving, nor visiting a wonder of the world or anything else so exciting.. I've had my ear pierced! It's my first ever piercing and I've wanted it done for ages! So on Wednesday I finally took the plunge and got a helix piercing, which is cartilage on the top outer ear sort of … Continue reading A Tick Off My Bucketlist..

Get To Know Me: How I Met My Best Friend..

Yeah you read that title right! The return of the series no-one asked me to bring back has finally arrived. You may remember such posts as Get To Know Me- A Short Autobiography… or Get To Know Me: My Suburb (You definitely don't).. But here we are. Today I'm taking you on a trip down memory lane, back to … Continue reading Get To Know Me: How I Met My Best Friend..