Hi! I'm Jarrad Saul- Sole author and owner of this blog. Everything you'll find here will somehow relate to me- whether that's lifestyle, travel, fashion or more. So settle down, make yourself a drink, and delve in to some posts. Get to know me!

Please feel free to engage with my posts- comment and I'll certainly reply!

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  1. I read your bucket list of things you would like to do before you are 30. Interesting. I think you would enjoy Art Prize in Grand Rapids Michigan. Grand Rapids is the second biggest city in Michigan and once a year artists from all over the country and all over the world compete for thousands of dollars in prizes. The entire city- in stores, bars, banks, colleges, offices, restaurants and outdoors- all over downtown, in parks, on streets and around the city every form of art is displayed. The Art is amazing. Meijer Gardens displays beautiful art year round with special exhibits during Art Prize. I think you should add Art Prize to your bucket list. I bet your parents would enjoy Art Prize as well.

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