Beers, Boats and Bristol!

With uni aside, I've got a fair bit of time on my hands, and so on Monday drove the length of the M4 to go spend some time with my friend Dan, in Cardiff. After a few beers and then a night out in the city, it was Tuesday, and time to venture out of... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Reading

Finishing a degree in English Literature, for which I often had to read four books a week, could have had a couple of effects on my love for books. I wouldn't have been surprised if I never wanted to look at one again. However, since finishing, I've had a fair bit of time on my... Continue Reading →


18 years. That's how long I've spent in education. That's a LONG time, right?! And a week ago I had my last e v e r exam. Ever. It was on Young Adult Gothic fiction and didn't go nearly as well as the previous one on Postmodern Genders, but that's all in the past now... Continue Reading →

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