A Wintery Moan.

If winter was a person, they'd be that someone you've not seen in a while and are looking forward to spending some time with. Then, when you finally meet up with them you're a little bit done with their company all too quickly and you remember just why it is you don't see them more … Continue reading A Wintery Moan.

Sculptures In The Forest

A little while ago, in one of the finer anonymous towns of South Western England, I visited a sculpture 'garden'. I put quotation marks around the word garden because it was far more than that. It was an entire forest filled with over 200 sculptures, and whilst some of them were proudly on display, some … Continue reading Sculptures In The Forest

5 Things I Miss Whilst Living Abroad

Now, I know I only live in The Netherlands and not somewhere super foreign and exotic but believe me, there are some differences which really stop the place from feeling like England. So I thought I'd list a few things I miss from home, and if you're reading this from a similar perspective let me … Continue reading 5 Things I Miss Whilst Living Abroad