Next Up… Milan!

University is coming to an end. FAST. This time next week I'll be free as a bird, if that bird had an impending life of work ahead of it. Anyway, I'm 22 and haven't yet experienced life outside of education. That reality is approaching, so one last celebration is needed. And that celebration has turned... Continue Reading →

The Time Of My Life

So a couple of weeks ago now I went into London for the first of two days, both of which were set to be some of the greatest experiences of my life. One of my favourite bands of all time, Arcade Fire, were playing in Wembley and I had tickets to see them... twice! I... Continue Reading →

Everything’s Ending…

I have two quick topics to talk about in this blog post- this pretty cool little edit of a photo and what I used to make it, and then how I recently had (maybe) the last student Wednesday night out at uni ever? (There may be one more I go to?) If you're not interested... Continue Reading →

OMG, a fashion post?!

This blog has always been a mismatch of travel, lifestyle, fashion, my thoughts.. everything really. But something's been lacking for a while now, something I've been promising since before Christmas and I've missed the boat on a whole season of.. fashion! So, if you've followed this blog or my insta (@jvrrvdsvul) for any time now,... Continue Reading →

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