This Time Last Year…

I've not seen anyone do this type of post (I'm sure it's been done before though!), but I thought I'd reflect on a few changes! This time last year I was in Amsterdam, celebrating a friends birthday. It was my first time in the city and I absolutely loved it. We got a little too... Continue Reading →

Visiting A Less Travelled London

Obviously millions of people pass through London all the time, and there are some major tourist attractions that everyone visits, but yesterday I went off the beaten track ever so slightly, and headed to Kingston Upon Thames- about half an hour on the train out of central. It's a very affluent area, filled to the... Continue Reading →

I’m All Moved In!

Look who hasn't been posting again.. Yep. Me. BUT- My excuse is that I've been moving into a new flat and not doing much else that's interesting to write about! However, on Monday I picked up my key, and now I've a new address! (Flat tour/room tour post coming soon!) This was obviously an occasion... Continue Reading →

Getting Green Fingers…

Life is busy right now!! Tomorrow I pick up the keys to my new house (rental of course) and so I've got loads of packing and unpacking to be doing, bills to be sorting and errands to be run. All of this gives me a bit of a headache, so recently I thought I'd prepare... Continue Reading →

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