My Style Evolution- Formal Wear

I recently did a My Style Evolution post, and I really enjoyed writing it, and delving through my old photos, so I thought I'd do another one, but this time with Formal Wear! I haven't had that many occasions to wear suits so it'll be a bit of a quicker post, but such is life. My First … Continue reading My Style Evolution- Formal Wear

If I Was Making New Year Resolutions Today…

I've definitely got some things to work on, throughout life in general, but I'm a little bit lazy and I let days pass me by without making changes. So I thought why wait until New Years to make my resolutions, and instead start now. I might post an actual New Year Resolutions post in late … Continue reading If I Was Making New Year Resolutions Today…

November 2016 VS. 2017

We're pretty deep into November now, and for me I can't say it's been particularly enjoyable. Why? Deadlines. Endless essays, meetings and presentations. I could curl up into a ball and re-emerge in May, but I'd fail my degree. So anyway, this has me yearning for the November I experienced last year... (~cue flashback music~) … Continue reading November 2016 VS. 2017

Heartbreaks, Heroin and Heroines

No I haven't been indulging in heroin. I've been indulging in books. Namely Trainspotting, Citizen and This Modern Love. This is basically a 'What I've been reading' but with a clickbaity title, really sorry..! This Modern Love- Will Darbyshire I never thought I'd buy the book of a YouTuber, but low and behold, I did. … Continue reading Heartbreaks, Heroin and Heroines

My Style Evolution

I recently watched a Youtube video where a guy whose style I'm quite fond of went through the evolution of what he's worn over the years. I thought this was a great idea for a post, and I've not written anything about fashion in ages so what a perfect way to jump straight back in. … Continue reading My Style Evolution

Failing Your Study Abroad Year (Erasmus)

So! By about February of this year I knew I wasn't going to pass my year abroad in The Netherlands, and I suffered a lot of anxiety at the thought of having to pay back Erasmus grants and generally at the unknown consequences. I spent hours trawling through the internet, searching for others like myself … Continue reading Failing Your Study Abroad Year (Erasmus)

Photoshop Handsome

So I really liked this photo my friend Dan took of me, because it's generally quite cool. The little bit of blur makes the lighting look intense and dramatic, whilst I'm in focus, which I like a lot. There was a problem with it though. My face. It just wasn't flattering in any shape or … Continue reading Photoshop Handsome