Editing Reality..

So I've had a bit of spare time recently and found myself occupied with photoshop. I was having fun editing not only the aesthetic of the photo but the reality of it too. So this photo.. Became... And... My works very amateurish I know! But I enjoyed doing it still.. what one looks more realistic … Continue reading Editing Reality..

Photoshop Handsome

So I really liked this photo my friend Dan took of me, because it's generally quite cool. The little bit of blur makes the lighting look intense and dramatic, whilst I'm in focus, which I like a lot. There was a problem with it though. My face. It just wasn't flattering in any shape or … Continue reading Photoshop Handsome

Disappearing Into The Background

It's been a while since I dabbled in a little photography, and I was feeling kind of inspired today, so I made this.... Originally I wanted to get rid of the entire face but it made the piece look far too gloomy and empty. So I kept the eyes and mouth, which makes it look … Continue reading Disappearing Into The Background

Getting A Little Better At Photoshop…

Five days ago I downloaded photoshop, instantly edited a few photos and whacked them up on here. Ever since I've been tinkering away, trying out new bits and bobs, and I think I've improved a bit! Here's a few little pieces! From this... to... I think this is the photo I'm proudest of! It took me quite … Continue reading Getting A Little Better At Photoshop…

The Dutch are Beautiful and Romantic and Happy

People in Holland generally don't work super long hours and there are loads of public holidays. Life is a hell of a lot slower paced- you'll never be rushed out of your table at a cafe or restaurant. Everyone cycles everywhere! Fresh air and exercise on your daily commute sets the day up a lot … Continue reading The Dutch are Beautiful and Romantic and Happy

My First Attempts at Photoshop

To improve the quality of my blog posts I think it's about time I start actually editing my photos thoroughly, to make them as good as they can be, rather than a quick automated process I currently use. I had a little play around with Photoshop tonight, and I'm not going to pretend what I've … Continue reading My First Attempts at Photoshop