A Song For Every Mood

I was tempted to start a new series on this blog, where I'd post a mini playlist per mood, but before I jump into that I thought I'd test the water with a bit more of a general affair. So yeah! It's a pretty self explanatory structure I guess- enjoy! Happy! Hard Times- Paramore or … Continue reading A Song For Every Mood


Never Too Late To Learn!

I've got a lot of spare time at university. Some weeks I've only got four hours of contact time, which is pretty mad. I should definitely be cramming every minute with reading and dissertation work and all that good stuff, but realistically I have the attention span of a small dog (with some exceptions). SO. … Continue reading Never Too Late To Learn!

Writing For The Sake Of Writing

I've been a little absent from the blog again.. Maybe a week or so? But I like to post multiple times a week so that feels like an age for me. Anyway, in that time I had written, and still have saved, a Halloween post and an October favourites. BUT. They. Were. Shit.  I'd rather … Continue reading Writing For The Sake Of Writing