If I Was Making New Year Resolutions Today…

I’ve definitely got some things to work on, throughout life in general, but I’m a little bit lazy and I let days pass me by without making changes. So I thought why wait until New Years to make my resolutions, and instead start now. I might post an actual New Year Resolutions post in late December to compare and see if I’ve successfully managed any of these ones!

  1. More live music (Do what makes me happy)- I don’t have a lot of hobbies outside of this blog, Netflix and walking to the shop to buy junk food, but my number one passion is live music and it’s something I’ve neglected a bit in the second half of this year. My last gig was Alt-J in September which is flipping ages ago, and over summer I only say Boy Better Know, rather than my usual multiple day festivals and gigs. In fact, I had a ticket to see Sivu on Thursday night but didn’t go!!! This was due to having two uni deadlines on Friday, but from now I’m going to make time for music. I’ve already got Gabrielle Aplin, Bon Iver, Everything Everything, Arcade Fire twice and Young Fathers lined up, so I can’t wait to enjoy all that. IMG_4222
  2. Re-evaluate Friendships– There are far too many people who I message regularly but make little effort to meet up with and this is pretty stupid really. I’ve just spent a year living one floor down from one of my best friends, and then I got home, saw her four or five times over summer, and just once since! I need to make more effort with people who make the effort with me. img_4861.png
  3. Read more- I’ve actually been really good at this recently, but for my first few weeks of the semester I got by without reading a single book. I’ve started to really enjoy reading again though, and my modules are all really interesting, so this is more a resolution to continue rather than start up now.
  4. Be slightly healthier- This is a pretty generic resolution, but I’m not going to be hitting the gym anytime soon. At the beginning of the semester I was barely eating and lost two inches off my waist in no more than two weeks which is a fairly dramatic change. Now I’ve gone the other way and I’m binging on snacks most nights. I’ve done well to cut fizzy drinks largely out of my diet, but now I just want to find a balance between snacking and eating to excess. I’m currently a pretty healthy weight for my height, so I just need to look after myself a little.
  5. Stop spending!!- My God, money burns a hole in my pocket. I’m constantly browsing fashion blogs and clothes stores and I spend money in my head that I don’t even have. I need to calm it! Uniqlo collabed with one of my fav artists Kaws, and that line dropped yesterday. I ordered two things, but have to get them as a Christmas present because I can’t afford them else! Item_Unisex_sub6

I think fives enough for now, I’ve got a lot to work on, and like I’ve said in my recent post about approaching 22, there’s a lot going on in my head right now about becoming the person I want to be. These are just baby steps!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed- maybe let me know some of your resolutions?!

3 thoughts on “If I Was Making New Year Resolutions Today…

  1. Great idea to have a “practice” month! Instead of New Year resolutions I have goals – haven’t thought about them year, but it’s probably going to be about art in some way … Hope you succeed!
    Thanks for coming by.

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