The Radical Act of Feeling Happy

Somewhere along the way, we privileged, first-world people, decided we wanted more. The American dream, which promises anyone can achieve anything, married capitalism, spread around the globe, and birthed a generation of people who would willingly work themselves to death. When we want we aren't content, and so happiness has become a radical act- to... Continue Reading →

Today I ‘Adulted’…

I’m 21 but nowhere near an adult. I’m currently in university two days a week, and only one of those is an early start so pretty stereotypically I spend a lot of time in bed. On Fridays I have to be in for 9am and my alarm is set for 8.38.. I roll out of... Continue Reading →

Approaching 22

I'm in my final full month of life as a 21 year old, and I don't know how I feel about it. 16 year old Jarrad would've thought I'd be a fully fledged adult at this age, but I'm anything from it! I'm in this weird place where I'm torn between shedding my teenage self... Continue Reading →

My Deepest Darkest Thoughts 1

I've really quite enjoyed writing 'A Social Commentary 1+2' recently. The act of writing my abstract thoughts is cathartic and helps to compartmentalise my brain. But this topic doesn't really fit. It's a topic which I'm kind of obsessed with, more than the average person perhaps, and that topic is growing up.  Throughout my teenage... Continue Reading →

My Life In Instagrams

Now, obviously I haven't had Instagram my entire life, but I got the app in about 2013, so it holds a lot of memories throughout my journey into adulthood. This post is a bit of a blast through the past, starting when I turned 18. I hope you enjoy! My birthday is on the 28th... Continue Reading →

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