My Style Evolution

I recently watched a Youtube video where a guy whose style I’m quite fond of went through the evolution of what he’s worn over the years. I thought this was a great idea for a post, and I’ve not written anything about fashion in ages so what a perfect way to jump straight back in. There’s some pretty grim photos of me in here, but I can laugh at them so it’s okay!

The Beginning


So, I must’ve been no older than twelve in this photo. I’d just started skateboarding, and with that came my first interest into fashion- namely skate fashion. But, this was still early days, when I thought the brighter a t-shirt the better, and God know’s why I thought those 3/4 length shorts were a good idea. (I do see the guy in the background isn’t dressed much better which pleases me.) One redeeming feature though is I’m wearing Vans Old Skools which are in fashion today. What. A. Trendsetter.

Skate Fashion


I got more into skateboarding, and so, more into the fashions that came with it. I’m wearing an enjoi t-shirt here which was a really popular brand back in the day, and very skinny jeans. I can remember that I actually bought these jeans from the women’s section of primark, just to get them that bit tighter. As you can see, the colours got a bit more calm, except for those bright orange laces on my Nike Dunks, which were the shoe for skateboarding. Nike SB had just emerged and people were mad for it.

The Knitted Jumper Phase


I stopped skateboarding when I was 16-ish, so my fashion sense was pretty similar throughout secondary school- jeans and a t-shirt. But once I stopped, I realised that I could buy clothes and not worry they would get ruined by falling over. Knitwear, which is not practical for skateboarding, for some reason became my number one priority. I had endless jumpers and it was rare to see me not wearing one. This was during college mainly, I should add. Those Vans chukka boots I’m wearing are a nod to my skating I guess.

My 1975/ The Neighbourhood Phase


This is definitely getting very close to how I style myself today, but around my 18th birthday I was really into the bands the 1975, and the Neighbourhood. Both of them wore exclusively monochrome denim and not much else. Obviously my shirt here has a splash of colour, but it was from Levis so I though that redeemed it. But yeah, I wore only white t-shirts, I had three different denim jackets, and I only wore black skinny jeans. It was probably the most boring of my clothing styles, but I loved it and it’s not too far from today.


I still wear a load of white tees, and skinny jeans, but I only own one denim jacket now and I’m not scared of a bit of colour. I’m by no means fashionable but I do follow fashion, and I’ve got more confidence to try things (like the prescription free glasses in the left picture.) The most important thing though is I’m really comfortable with what I wear now. I remember feeling really self conscious in those super skinny jeans of my skating days, but now I know that I feel my best wearing stuff I like, and not caring what others think. I have a lot of fun browsing clothes sites and reading/watching fashion bloggers and that really is my style evolution.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this post and it does alright I’ve got another one I can do with my evolution through formal wear. I had a lot of fun seeking out all these photos, so maybe that next post will come regardless! Make sure you follow me to see that released!



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