My Latest Venture!

So a guys gotta do what a guys gotta do to make money, and my contract at Sainsbury's recently ended so whilst I'm looking for a new job I've decided to start sourcing great items of clothes and selling them on! I know you may be thinking why would I buy clothes from someone who's … Continue reading My Latest Venture!

My Style Evolution- Formal Wear

I recently did a My Style Evolution post, and I really enjoyed writing it, and delving through my old photos, so I thought I'd do another one, but this time with Formal Wear! I haven't had that many occasions to wear suits so it'll be a bit of a quicker post, but such is life. My First … Continue reading My Style Evolution- Formal Wear

My Style Evolution

I recently watched a Youtube video where a guy whose style I'm quite fond of went through the evolution of what he's worn over the years. I thought this was a great idea for a post, and I've not written anything about fashion in ages so what a perfect way to jump straight back in. … Continue reading My Style Evolution

Approaching Autumn..

August already.. jeez! Where has the summer gone? And more importantly, why did the sun never come! There's been a hell of a lot of rain recently, and not a lot of opportunities to catch a tan.. So in many regards I guess it's felt like Autumn for a while already... But, according to the … Continue reading Approaching Autumn..

My Money is (May)Flying away!

Fashion posts on my blog are like buses- you wait flipping ages for one and then two come at once! I bought another pair of trainers today, so I thought I'd give a little run down of these, like I did with my new Vans x Schulz the other day! These new ones are the … Continue reading My Money is (May)Flying away!

Have a Snoop at my Snoopy Shoes

Everyone knows the comic Peanuts, by Charlie M. Schulz. Even if you've never seen it/ read it, you're surely familiar with the characters of Snoopy the dog, or Charlie Brown. So, when Vans, the clothing company, recently announced a collaboration with Schulz, I was very excited. But, Vans have done some really crap collabs, so … Continue reading Have a Snoop at my Snoopy Shoes

If I Were A Girl…

Maybe a bit of an odd post this one? I was looking through my wardrobe earlier thinking 'I'm so glad I'm male- throwing on jeans a t-shirt is so simple. Girls have to go through so much more effort to put an outfit together.' I think I have a basic idea of female fashion, but … Continue reading If I Were A Girl…

Clothes Customisation- Bleaching Denim!

I was scrolling through my instagram discover feed recently, when I saw the coolest self customised denim jacket, that had been bleached and then covered in a load of patches. When patches became a trend (last year-ish?) I never jumped on the bandwagon, but after seeing this, I wish I did! Anyway, it made me … Continue reading Clothes Customisation- Bleaching Denim!