Photoshop Handsome


So I really liked this photo my friend Dan took of me, because it’s generally quite cool. The little bit of blur makes the lighting look intense and dramatic, whilst I’m in focus, which I like a lot.

There was a problem with it though.

My face.

It just wasn’t flattering in any shape or form, so I knew I needed to do something to it, if I were to ever share the photo. I played around with lots of ideas- blurring my face, dragging lines over it etc. But because of the blurred lighting  it needed something a little more blocky and dramatic.

So I settled for the white circle, which isn’t actually perfect white but colour picked from my t-shirt to make it seem more authentic if such a thing is possible for a big white circle.

It was still missing a little something, hence the text in the middle, and I’m really happy with it! I think it’s simple but quite effective- a little mysterious maybe?

Just a little quick post, but thanks for reading! Make sure to follow me to keep up to date with my photography/photoshop journey!

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