18 years. That’s how long I’ve spent in education. That’s a LONG time, right?! And a week ago I had my last e v e r exam. Ever. It was on Young Adult Gothic fiction and didn’t go nearly as well as the previous one on Postmodern Genders, but that’s all in the past now BECAUSE I’VE FINISHED. It’s crazy. For the first time in my life I have no education to go back to after a short break.

In case you didn’t know, I’ve spent the last four years studying English Literature with Creative Writing at the University of Hertfordshire, with a year abroad at Radboud University in the Netherlands. I’ll be honest- I haven’t loved every minute… But now that it’s ending I don’t want to leave! On Wednesday I had my last ever student night out, (as a student anyway) and it was sOoOooo emosh. I can remember my very first night out as a fresher, and to spend my final night there 4 years later just made it all feel so real.

I’m going to miss university, I’m so sure. I’m almost tempted to do a masters but to extend graduating by another year and another 10 grands worth of debt is probably not too smart at this point.

However, looking forward, one thing that’s definitely staying with me after uni is creative writing. Back when I was young (literally like 7 or 8) I used to LOVE writing and I’d spend all my time jotting down stories I’d never finish. I came to uni with no intention of studying creative writing but was pushed into doing a minor by lecturers. Now, all these years on and my passion for writing is more intense than ever. I chose a creative writing dissertation, for which I had to write a 15,000 word story. I got my results back for it yesterday and was awarded a First for it, the highest grade I could’ve got- and my creative writing teacher (a published author herself) recommended I send it off for publication. This was just the bit of motivation I needed to push me towards a career in writing, at a time where I had no idea what to do with my life and I feel the most focused I have ever. Like everything is sort of coming together.

I’m going to turn my short story into a novel- I’m already half way there afterall- so watch this space- you never know- I may be a published author one day! Anyway, until then I’ll leave a few photos from my final uni nights out for the mems. ENJOY. THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING. Make sure you’re following me for all the exciting updates coming soon- (travel next week AND next month OI OI).




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