Beers, Boats and Bristol!

With uni aside, I’ve got a fair bit of time on my hands, and so on Monday drove the length of the M4 to go spend some time with my friend Dan, in Cardiff. After a few beers and then a night out in the city, it was Tuesday, and time to venture out of Cardiff, back across the border to Bristol.

We had tickets to see a pretty small band called Spector who were playing in a venue called Thekla, which was actually a boat so v unique and v cool. Anyway, we took the train and after a short hour were in the city I’d heard so much about. The weather was absolutely beaut and I felt like I was abroad, which is always good!


First things first, we needed a drink, so iced teas in hand we headed to a park and chilled in the sun for a bit. As you can see in the photo it was super cute, overlooking the river and there was a very chilled out atmosphere. It was a nice relaxed start to which turned into a progressively less relaxed day!


All refreshed and ready to explore, we wandered down Kings Street which is entirely made up of pubs, chucked a left and walked down towards some coloured houses which were very aesthetically pleasing- I wasn’t entirely sure they were real until up close! Walking along the river was soOoOo pleasant, I could easily have been in the North of Spain, and we walked for a good while until we got to Millennium Square.


Millennium Square is a big, fairly new square filled with bars and restaurants, where we stopped for a coffee… (We weren’t feeling alcohol at this point, after the night before!) There are lots of water features and this giant metal ball thing, the purpose of which I have no idea..


Eventually we got to a natural end to the walk, so turned back and went to meet my friends who lived in Bristol- I’d met them two years previously in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and was SO excited to see them again after so long! They got out of work around half five and we headed straight to the shop for some beers (we opted for ones we would always drink in Holland for the nostalgia, and then sat in the park for a couple of hours, catching up and reminiscing.


Although I’d only spent about six months with these two, we’d done SO much together. From a trip to Brussels, Christmas markets in Maastricht and spending a V heavy night out in Amsterdam for Emi’s 22nd birthday, it felt like a lifetime. The girls then suggested we head to an outdoors cider bar called The Apple, before they should get home ready for work the next day. As we were obviously in Bristol it was recommended we try the Old Bristolian cider, a strong half pint at nearly 9% alcohol. It was certainly an aquired taste which grew on me as it went down, but upon trying Harriet’s, I realised I would’ve much preferred hers. ANYWAY, the girls were due to head back, whilst Dan and I were off to the gig, but after a few drinks it was rude to end the night so young, so the girls popped home to get changed before we all went to the Thekla.

I don’t have any photos of the gig because my phone had died by this point, but it was really good- we missed the support acts so it was straight into the action, and a few beers went down nicely as we danced along to Spector. It was nearing it’s end, whereby I thought I’d be saying goodbye to the girls for a while, when Harriet suggested we continue the night, stay at hers and catch a train in the morning, which was a great plan. The rest of the night continued in a similar vain- we went to a pub, then on to a club which was a bit dead so we exited quickly, before ending in a place called MBARGO.

I  had a lovely time in Bristol; I truly felt like it was a small holiday. It was so nice to catch up with my study abroad buddies and I’m sure we won’t leave it so long before meeting again- we started planning a trip to the Netherlands for the near future so that’s an exciting prospect! And then of course, I can’t forget Dan, who was great company as always and hospitable as can be when it came to Cardiff!

Thanks for reading! Make sure you’re following this blog for more of this soon!!

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