Why I’m Not A Food Blogger!!

The amount of times I’ve been messing around in the kitchen and ended up cooking something tasty by accident is countless (there’s also countless times I’ve cooked something barely passable as edible but that’s not helping my point.) After some of my successes I’ve been tempted to try and replicate them with some photos along the way and post the recipes on here.

Yesterday was obviously valentines day, and I thought ‘Hmm a nice cookie recipe will go down a treat’. So I adapted a recipe found online, changing the vanilla extract to almond, changing the sugars and whatnot to make something a bit different.. And it was all going so well!


Try and tell me these don’t look extremely promising! I bet you’re dying to know the recipe, right?!

Well this is how they came out.


Yep. Just one giant mishmash. Don’t get me wrong, they still tasted great, but really that is not a bloggable recipe photo is it?! Who knew they’d spread so much and combine into a tray sized cookie. Not me!

So, I think I’ll stick to going out for food and posting about that. Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, pancake day of course. A day earlier (because we had to work round both of our calendars of courseeeeee) I went to Bills in Welwyn Garden City for brunch with my friend Emily, where I got these delicious bacon pancakes.


Much more aesthetically pleasing. Bills is a chain across the UK which has a solid brunch menu and is also decent for dinner. Emily had a Fry-Up which looked pretty gooood but she regretted not opting for the pancakes too!

Anyway, thanks for reading about my failings and goings on. I hope you enjoyed and pleaseeeee follow me on here and also at my Instagram @jvrrvdsvul which I update a little more regularly than this blog so you’ll see whats going on before you read about it!


29 thoughts on “Why I’m Not A Food Blogger!!

  1. That usually happens to me when I put cookies onto to cook, I cram them in too much and forget how much they are going to spread, you could always call it the sharing ‘cookie’ and put it out for everyone to break one off? I am sure it tasted really nice

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  2. Also I do not tend to remove cookies straight from the trays, straight after removing them from the oven. I believe they go through another cooking process once they have left the oven.(Please feel free to correct me or inform me on this) I am a great fan of Nigella Lawson. She uses an ice cream scoop to put her cookie mixture on the trays(a great tip) and she will freeze batches of mixture for next time. I loved doing this, otherwise everything disappeared as soon as I cooked them. I sometimes pull a bunch of frozen mix from the freezer and in 15 mins or so I have freshly baked cookies.
    She has a great luxurious chocolate chip cookie recipe(If you are interested, try researching her ‘Totally Chocolate Chip Cookie’ recipe).

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  3. Funny post. Like your first commenter said, it is may be because your oven is running too hot. That melts the butter/shortening I the cookie way too fast causing it to spread everywhere. The other common reason this happens is too much sugar/moisture. Sugar is great for absorbing moisture when cold so the raw cookie looks perfect before being baked. But when baked all that moisture comes out of the the sugar “spreading” the cookie everywhere. Like happened to you. So too hot an oven or much sugar either way they look like they taste great. And yes I guess I am a food blogger ha ha.

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  4. You made me laugh this morning. 🙂
    Thank you for that Jarrad. We all have those cooking “disasters” sometimes but every now and again, we discover something new and exciting. In your position. I would have chopped it into little finger slices and maybe iced them. With me cookie problems have normally been about oven temperature.

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