A Tick Off My Bucketlist..

No not skydiving, nor visiting a wonder of the world or anything else so exciting.. I’ve had my ear pierced! It’s my first ever piercing and I’ve wanted it done for ages!

So on Wednesday I finally took the plunge and got a helix piercing, which is cartilage on the top outer ear sort of bit.

I’d researched a piercing place in Welwyn Garden City with very good reviews, and my friend Hayley wanted one too, so I wasn’t alone.. which is lucky because as soon as I’d parked my car I was slightly terrified. For however many minutes it took to find the place I’d have happily turned round and gone home if had been suggested. But as soon as I got into the piercing place my nerves magically disappeared and I was fine!

It was an interesting place with lots of lizards and spiders in tanks in the waiting area. I only had to wait about 5 minutes before being called to my fate!

I sat on the little bench and he dotted where the earring would go. I had no complaints and within seconds there was a 12mm wide needle through my ear! He then cut it out, or whatever it is they do, and put my stud in. The pain was surprisingly non existent, but the slight crunch as my ear was pierced was unnerving!

But afterwards I went for a coffee and the stinging and throbbing really took effect. It’s now two days later and still hurts a bit, especially if I catch it.. I’ve been told the pain will last a week at least and it could take 6 months to heal fully! The price we pay for fashion aye? I’m currently cleaning it 3 times a day which has to be done for 4 weeks so it’s no small commitment!

I’ll post a proper picture of it soon, as I’ve planned a whole post on ways in which I’m accessorising with my outfits now, and I guess this earring is now part of that! Until then excuse my bad skin in this featured pic- I’m working on that and expect a skincare post soon too also!!

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6 thoughts on “A Tick Off My Bucketlist..

  1. I smiled when I read this as it totally reminded me of getting my first piercing back in college. Was so glad I did except my mother flipped out when she found out about it. Keep the piercing clean like they said, and unsolicited advice, but if you get more don’t go south of the border (so to say) with the piercings. Any guy I know who did that regretted it eventually.

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