Get To Know Me: How I Met My Best Friend..

Yeah you read that title right! The return of the series no-one asked me to bring back has finally arrived. You may remember such posts as Get To Know Me- A Short Autobiography… or Get To Know Me: My Suburb (You definitely don’t).. But here we are. Today I’m taking you on a trip down memory lane, back to when I was about 15? I don’t like the phrase best friend, it feels very school playground, but my closest friend I’ll be writing about here is Dan- who’s been mentioned many times before.

SO! Our paths had crossed before we became friends, just fleetingly at other school events, as we attended the same secondary school, but it wasn’t until GCSE science in year 10 that we were sat at the same table and had no choice but to chat. In turn I believe we then started sitting next to each other in English, and then French too, though I won’t lie- me and another friend used to wind Dan up to no end in French and fair play to him for putting up with it without crying… Back then I had a terrible haircut and Dan was ‘Punk as Fuck’ which couldn’t have been further from the truth..!

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Us now x

It wasn’t until a band called Noah and The Whale came to a town near us that our friendship went beyond school. I’m not too sure why I agreed to go because I barely knew the band at this point, but I did and I had a good time and after that we booked V Festival and other gigs like Jake Bugg and Bombay Bicycle Club. We went to year 11 prom together (with others- we weren’t/ aren’t a couple).and my earliest alcohol experiences probably involved Dan, when we used to sit in our friends garage playing poker and drinking the cheapest whiskey with Fanta.


Dan ended up going to a different college to me which I guess could have been the end of the friendship but it was no problem and we kept going to gigs, festivals and whatever else. We’ve now been to 6 weekend music festivals, 6 or so (?) day festivals and countlessss gigs.


In 2016 we went on our first holiday together, to Bilbao in Spain, where we went to a festival. (Who could have guessed?!) The following year we went to Lisbon in Portugal, and in between that he came and visited me in The Netherlands where we went to Amsterdam and cycled to Germany., So, basically, we’ve done a lot together!


It’s been seven years now, and fingers crossed for another seven I guess! We’ve had surprisingly few arguments over our friendship- I can’t actually think of any… Bodes well! Anyway, thanks for reading, and make sure you’re following for more posts.

4 thoughts on “Get To Know Me: How I Met My Best Friend..

  1. You two seem like an awesome pair! I would love to have a friendship like yours! Especially since the two of you bond over music, which is the best kind of bond.


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