Finding My Niche..

I’ve been writing two blog posts a day for about a week now. In this short time I’ve written about music, fashion, travel and general opinion, which is a quite a mix. Now, they say variety is the spice of life, but I’m not sure I’m qualified in all these topics to talk about them. I’m certainly passionate about loads of things, but does this give me the right to spew my thoughts on to the internet? So, I’m writing this post as a sort of reflective piece over my first blogging week.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every post, and sometimes an idea has popped into my head and I’ve had to write it there and then, and I love taking the photos and generally being creative. But I’m not sure if I’m just not focused on a specific topic enough.. So far, two posts a day have been published on here, which is only possible because I’m not focusing on one topic in particular. And I think that’s why I feel like I enjoy the writing. If I was just writing about music everyday I’d get a bit stale and a bit bored. Kind of harking back to the variety is the spice of life stuff I guess…

So maybe my niche will be not having a niche? Maybe by writing about everything my genuine enthusiasm will pave the way for new and exciting blog posts not restricted to a particular topic. My creative juices will be free to flow- which is probably the least creative sentence I’ve ever written (SUCH a cliché right?)

Anyway, thanks for reading this little reflection, look out for more soon!

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