More Paramore + I Got Tickets!

As I write this I'm blasting the new Paramore album out today- After Laughter. When I was growing up I was a massive fan. I have very clear memories of doing my paper round with Riot! on a constant loop. But I won't lie, I'd forgotten about them and wasn't anticipating any new music... and then they … Continue reading More Paramore + I Got Tickets!

What I’m Listening To- February 2017

2017 has been pretty solid for music releases so far, especially those of UK artists. I'm not sure all of these songs/albums are February releases but they're all being repeated on my Spotify lately. Sampha- Process Jeez. This album is nothing short of incredible. It's deeply personal; full of demons and anxieties which are so … Continue reading What I’m Listening To- February 2017