Visiting Stockholm’s Museums (Part 1)

Stockholm is great for museums; there are so many, and lots of them come highly recommended. We only had three full days in the city, but we still managed to cram four into our time, so I'm going to talk about the first two I visited in this post ( I got quite camera happy!) … Continue reading Visiting Stockholm’s Museums (Part 1)


The Dreaded Last Minute Cancellation…

I'm aiming to post daily this month, but this little story is calling for an extra one... I'm going to Stockholm on the 16th, which is only a week away. A group of five of us had booked a nice and cheap airbnb just outside the city centre which seemed pretty perfect for what we … Continue reading The Dreaded Last Minute Cancellation…

My Year in Travel (As Of Now)

After arriving back from Romania on Wednesday my mind has been on one thing- travel, and so within the past few days I've booked another two trips... Palma, Mallorca At the end of next month I'm heading to one of the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain to get some Spring time sun! Frankly … Continue reading My Year in Travel (As Of Now)