Smoothies in Southend!

Today I met up with my friend/ housemate from uni, which involved a trip to Southend-on-sea, the finest coastal town in all of Essex... (not quite). Southend isn't the nicest of places, but recently a few really nice cafes have opened up, and today we sampled the delights of two of these! First stop was … Continue reading Smoothies in Southend!


My Advice For Anyone Moving To Holland

This might be a a post for a bit of a niche audience, but after spending a year living in the beautiful Netherlands, I feel I've got a little bit of expertise to share. So, whether you're emigrating for good, or going there to study, here's my two cents. Make sure you can cycle!!! It's … Continue reading My Advice For Anyone Moving To Holland

My Unpopular Opinions…

Recently I saw trending on twitter #stateanunpopularopinion... I could've joined in but instead it inspired me to write a whole post, so sit back and enjoy a bunch of things you're probably going to disagree with!Ed Sheeran sucks. Overrated, boring pop music. He's absolutely massive isn't he, but God knows why...Double denim is a legitimate … Continue reading My Unpopular Opinions…

Photography With A Glass Prism

I saw some really cool videos of people trying photography with a glass prism so I thought I'd buy one for myself. Now I'm super super new to photography, and I didn't even leave my garden to take these photos so don't judge too hardly! But here's my first ever attempts, without any editing, photoshop … Continue reading Photography With A Glass Prism

Trying Those Charcoal Blackhead Things!

A little while ago there was a massive trend throughout the internet, blogs and videos, of people trying charcoal blackhead removers. I'm sure you've seen plenty of these, but late to the party as ever, I decided to try it myself. To cut a long story short- w h a t a load of rubbish.So … Continue reading Trying Those Charcoal Blackhead Things!

Embracing The Outdoor Lifestyle!

The British summer is infamous for being temperamental and generally crappy- today was no different. Hot then cold, rainy then bright and breezy! But, I've spent enough time indoors this year, so we decided to head to the local pitch n putt for a game of par 3 golf. I started off the day the … Continue reading Embracing The Outdoor Lifestyle!

21 Things I’ve Accomplished Aged 21

Although it's always positive to look forward, too much of my future is built around a want. Whether it's a want for experience, for possessions or for a feeling, I'm driven by the satisfaction I think I'll feel once I've accomplished these wants. A while ago I posted 30 Things To Do Before I’m 30 , which … Continue reading 21 Things I’ve Accomplished Aged 21

200 Followers! Woo!!

I set a goal, a little while back, to reach 100 followers by Christmas. It's August now and I've just reached 200!! Thank you so much to everyone who followed me recently or has been followed for a bit! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read whatever nonsense I have to spill, whenever … Continue reading 200 Followers! Woo!!