A Road Trip To Lincoln!

Can I call it a road trip? It took a little over three hours, and we drove? So yeah I'll stick with it… anyway, this week me and a couple of friends hit the m11 and spent a night in the historic city of Lincoln!

We've got a mutual friend who studies there, so accommodation was instantly sorted for free, plus we had a chance to catch up! On his recommendation, we had a night out, visiting a bar called trebles, named so because trebles cost the same amount as singles (though these tasted disgusting!!). We then spent the remainder of the night in a gay bar called the scene (?) (something like that)- whatever it was called it was very cheap!

Anyway, that's enough of the night out! We woke up bright and early the next morning (because of the ridiculous parking restrictions) and headed into the city centre, this time feeling a little hungover and not too chipper!

After a cheap and cheerful breakfast, it was time to see the sights. The weather was a metaphor for how I felt after the night out- not quite right!

Lincolns along a river, though it's not the most beaut- very green and not particularly picturesque… I'm sure if you sail in a direction for a little while it becomes less citified and better looking! The city itself though is old and full of character!

We headed to the infamous 'Steep Hill' next.. It proudly boasts winning Britains best road 2012, and it lives up to it!

Aside from the obvious fact that it's a very steep hill, it is home to a load of really quaint, individual shops, which I'm sure we'd have gone into on another day. The cobbled road and old architecture made for a very nice view looking back down the hill.

The reward for making it to the top, aside from breathlessness and painful calves, is Lincoln cathedral. Massive and massively beautiful, it's v v impressive. It's also 8 pound to enter (!!) so the only shot I could get inside was from before the ticket office.

We didn't do a great deal in Lincoln, and truthfully the main intention when going was to have a night out, but it was a great trip, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The drive home was a little rank and I wasn't jealous of Dan behind the wheel, but we made it back safely and that's what counts!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to follow to keep up to date with whatever I get up to next!! (Fashion post coming soon- I've been a bit too spend happy lately!) thanks again!!

2 thoughts on “A Road Trip To Lincoln!

  1. I always fine something very distasteful about having to pay to go into a church. I don’t mind a donation box for the up keep/ church roof fund and will happily stick a tenner in one, but I get really annoyed at being asked for money to look around what is supposed to be ‘The House Of God’ and supposedly open to all. OK rant over

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