When I reached 500 followers I posted that you wouldn't see another of these posts until 1000... I lied. (woops) 750 sounds like so many that I want to cement it in words. I've been very patchy with my posting throughout my time blogging, but 2019 is my year! January's been a good one- I've … Continue reading 750 Followers (!!!)


After a three month blog break I've come back and after two posts have managed to hit 600 followers! THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING ME! It's appreciated more than you know- numbers give me validation in the most depressing way possible. I live for the statistics. (somewhat joking). Next stop- 1000! Stay with me for the … Continue reading 600 Followers!

My Final Milestone Post For a While! (250 Followers)

So I've hit 250 followers! Woooooo! A quarter of a thousand sounds great! Thank you every single person who follows, it makes me smile every time I check that little number! I'm not going to post about milestones anymore- not until I hit 500 anyway! (Hopefully one day!!) My goals to hit it by Christmas- … Continue reading My Final Milestone Post For a While! (250 Followers)

200 Followers! Woo!!

I set a goal, a little while back, to reach 100 followers by Christmas. It's August now and I've just reached 200!! Thank you so much to everyone who followed me recently or has been followed for a bit! I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read whatever nonsense I have to spill, whenever … Continue reading 200 Followers! Woo!!

150 Followers! (And a Life Update)

I'm not sure how often I should be posting about my milestones, but as they're just a way of me thanking all of you who follow and read my writing, I don't see any harm in them! So, thank you very much to each and every one of you 150 people! I'm loving blogging and … Continue reading 150 Followers! (And a Life Update)

Thank You For 100 Followers!

Today I hit 100 followers, a landmark I thought I wouldn't get to until Christmas! So thank you everyone who follows my little blog, it's massively appreciated! I've got loads more posts coming your way so stay tuned! I'm in Lisbon on Wednesday for 5 days so there's gonna be a shit tonne of fun … Continue reading Thank You For 100 Followers!