Is Anybody Out There?

Well.. It's been a hot minute since I last posted. I bet you thought I'd left you! WRONG. I'm back. Back with aplomb. What an exciting time to be alive. And look up there ^^^. That's right! We have our own domain now! No more Straight up DOT COM. Sooooo obviously I haven't posted … Continue reading Is Anybody Out There?

My Final Milestone Post For a While! (250 Followers)

So I've hit 250 followers! Woooooo! A quarter of a thousand sounds great! Thank you every single person who follows, it makes me smile every time I check that little number! I'm not going to post about milestones anymore- not until I hit 500 anyway! (Hopefully one day!!) My goals to hit it by Christmas- … Continue reading My Final Milestone Post For a While! (250 Followers)