A Wintery Moan.

If winter was a person, they'd be that someone you've not seen in a while and are looking forward to spending some time with. Then, when you finally meet up with them you're a little bit done with their company all too quickly and you remember just why it is you don't see them more … Continue reading A Wintery Moan.


A Sunny Day in London for the Marathon!

Yesterday was the London Marathon; I'm pretty sure all of you will know about it, even if you're not reading from the UK? Anyway, I knew someone running it, so went along with my housemate, Hayley, to cheer him on! Before anything, with the train pulling into Kings Cross, I wanted to seek out Tracy … Continue reading A Sunny Day in London for the Marathon!

The Master Of My Own Happiness

I had a period a few months back of feeling a little 'meh'. Something was missing, something to look forward to and then experience and then look back on. That something was live music. SO, as the title of this post suggests, I took matters in to my own hand and booked a handful of … Continue reading The Master Of My Own Happiness

A Christmassy, Churchy Evening!

Last night I went to the annual Never Fade Records Christmas show, which is a little gig/ party type affair, and it was flipping brilliant. It was in Islington's Union Chapel, a suuuper nice church which still runs services and isn't just a music venue. It was appropriately kitted out with Christmas trees and lights, … Continue reading A Christmassy, Churchy Evening!

A Year Ahead In Gigs

I like to make little lists looking forward, because it's kind of exciting and I feel like it makes them come quicker. I thought today that I'd share this list, specifically this time with what gigs I've got coming up.. All of these are in London, because that's basically the only place near me to … Continue reading A Year Ahead In Gigs

Visiting A Less Travelled London

Obviously millions of people pass through London all the time, and there are some major tourist attractions that everyone visits, but yesterday I went off the beaten track ever so slightly, and headed to Kingston Upon Thames- about half an hour on the train out of central. It's a very affluent area, filled to the … Continue reading Visiting A Less Travelled London

A Busy Bank Holiday in London!

It's been a whole week since I last posted! I used to post daily!! I promise I won't leave you waiting this long again, but it's with good reason- I've been v v busy! Starting off with the weekend just gone, which was a three day one here in England! I spent both Saturday and … Continue reading A Busy Bank Holiday in London!