A Busy Bank Holiday in London!

It's been a whole week since I last posted! I used to post daily!! I promise I won't leave you waiting this long again, but it's with good reason- I've been v v busy! Starting off with the weekend just gone, which was a three day one here in England! I spent both Saturday and Sunday in London, living it up!


Friday was my Dad's birthday, and for a while he's wanted to see Les Mis at the theatre. Tickets are prettyyyy expensive, so we felt it was more justified as a present rather than a random act of kindness, so low and behold, he opened up those tickets on Friday, and 2.30pm the next day we were at the Queens Theatre on Shaftsbury Avenue, the heart of the West End. Personally, I knew very little about this musical.. I've never seen the film or read the book, but I was familiar with a few songs, through hearing my family incessantly blare them!

But I was blown away! The cast were incredible, and the songs live were sensational. I admit, following the story was a little challenging, with the lead character constantly ageing, but the overall epic-ness of the production was overwhelming. It's the longest running musical ever, and I can really see why, it's very special, and transcends the standard wishy washy musicals like Wicked and Annie… (both of which I've seen and enjoyed, in their defence!)

Saturday night was also the big fight, obviously!! The time zone difference meant I stayed up until 6.30am to see it through, arriving home when it was light, but it was well worth it.. I'd have felt silly sleeping through such a historic event, even if I'm not a follower of boxing!


If you're English, you'll know that the hottest music coming out the country right now is grime. Skepta won the mercury prize last year and this year there's another 3 grime acts up for it. Some publications call this wave the new punk, and I can see the similarities- I'm sure my parents find JME as un-listenable as their parents found the Sex Pistols!

Anyway, Sunday was the biggest celebration of this music ever- Boy Better Know took over the o2 arena for an entire day of music and events. These same rappers were struggling to get a gig just years ago, and now they've played the biggest arena in London. It was a momentous occasion, and I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing it.

We arrived a little late, and long queues for the box office meant we missed most of the daytime stuff (gaming, football, roller discos etc), so we headed straight to our seats. The crowd was so up for it, people were absolutely loving it, and I felt a little out of place not being so familiar with the music.

I didn't let it stop me enjoying myself though, and BBKs mammoth set was loud, aggressive, passionate and most importantly, memorable. It might not have been my favourite gig ever, but it'll certainly be one I remember forever!

Thanks for reading! Sorry for leaving it so long to post this- I won't do it again and I've plenty planned to write about so follow me for more!!!

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