Woodland Walking…

If you saw my previous post, all about fashion, you’ll have seen the photos were taken in the woods. But as much as I went to take these, I also went because it was a lovely summers day! The woods of choice was in Hockley, a little town in Essex.


It’s a really cool place because there’s a lot of diversity in the scenery of the place. One minute you’re in thick foresty surroundings, and then you walk a little further and there’s some interesting tree or stream. I realise how flipping boring I sound, calling a tree interesting, but when you’re looking for photo spots, everything becomes a little more cool!


I was constantly changing clothes on this walk, so as to get the desired shots for ‘Approaching Autumn..’,so don’t think I’m weird that my clothes may change in shots! We spent a good two hours just walking round and enjoying nature…


I may be 21, but at heart I’m still a child, so every log that I could balance along, I bloody well did!


I even attempted to climb a tree, though old age has made me wary of getting my white t-shirt dirty, and I didn’t want any injuries! But it’s always nice to get back out there with nature- I’ve spent a lot of summer indoors, or at least in built up towns!


After we’d exhausted the photos and the countless trees, we headed to a nearby pub, called the Bull. It has a massive beer garden which backs on to the woods, which sounds great, but inside it was just your standard chain pub, so nothing to write home about there… However, I decided to try a summer special beer- the ‘Bermuda Joe’ which was a golden ale with a pineapple twist. It was kind of delicious, but also kind of gross. I don’t really know what I thought of it…

So there we are! Just a quick post today, because honestly, how much can you say about walking round a woods.. I meant to take my glass prism and attempt to get some cool photography with it, but yeah.. I forgot… Maybe, I’ll go back before summers over and I’m back up to Hertfordshire…

Anyway, thanks for reading- as always! Don’t forget to follow me on here, and my social media to!




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