Soaking Up The Sun in Cascais!

Since I’ve returned home from the Netherlands my blogging schedules been crap- I’m really sorry! I promise I’ll be back to posting at least every other day soon, but recently life has been in the way! Today’s post rounds up the end of my trip to Lisbon, which despite being so recent, feels like a lifetime ago now…

So, 30km outside of Lisbon lies Cascais, a tourist friendly beach town. We’d read it was the best beach to visit, largely because as soon as you get off the train it’s in front of you, which was true- train to beach took about three minutes! The weather was good, weirdly the clouds were all over the sea, so we could still soak up the rays!


We came to the beach with the intention of doing nothing much more than chilling, so we lounged around for a good while. However, needs must, and the sun made us thirsty. There were a few places on the beach to get a drink but none that advertised anything soft, so we headed into the little high street part of the town.


It was the first time, and only for that matter, that I felt like a holidaying person whilst in Portugal. It was just like a classic beach resort location, with your standard fake clothing for sale, handmade bracelets on the side of the street and an abundance of restaurants with photos of the food on the menus. Not that any of this was bad- I enjoy a beach holiday as much as the next person! It made a nice change from the bustle of Nos Alive festival, which we’d been frequenting before. Saying this, it was still uniquely Portuguese!

If I’d spent a little longer in Portugal I’d definitely have liked to hit up a few more beaches, because I’ve read that there are some which are further away which are equally great to visit. Perhaps in the future I’ll even go on a beach holiday to chill, before venturing on to the usual travel sort of visit to a city. I do like a good relax!

Check out those model looks on Dan.


That rounds up my Lisbon trip then, I hope you enjoyed reading about it, despite the fragmented nature of these being posted! Thanks for reading, and make sure to follow me for more of the good stuff!




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