I’ve Got The Post-Travel Blues…

Ever since I’ve come back from my year abroad I’ve been generally uninspired. Getting back into a normal routine, in a town I’ve lived in my entire life, is wholly depressing. I miss a sense of adventure… of taking a wrong turn down a street and ending up somewhere I’ve never been before… of going to the supermarket and finding a food I’ve never even heard of… The most exciting culinary experience I’ve discovered since arriving home is Heinz now have bacon flavour beans. Revolutionary. 

As a result my blogs suffering! I used to absolutely love posting every single day, but now I’m struggling! It’s not even like I have less time now- I’m living at home where I do less chores than living alone (sorry mum) and I’m not currently working, whilst I wait for the upcoming university year. I just need inspiration.

As you may have seen the other day, I bought myself a camera, to improve the quality of my posts here, and generally because I’m enjoying discovering photography right now, at first in the form of viewing others work, but now I can try doing my own. I’m hoping as soon as I get out and about taking photos this blog will roar back to life! (Not that I’m giving up!! I’ve actually got a few ideas right now- I just don’t want them to feel laboured!)

And, of course, I’m still wanting to travel! I’m well aware with my final uni year coming up I can’t just up and leave like I did recently, but that doesn’t mean I can’t plan a few weekend trips or even just road trips round England!

At the moment I’m just in that rose-tinted, overly nostalgic phase of the blues you get after a big period of your life has ended. It’ll pass, I’m fully aware, but until then I’ll work on inspiring myself!!

Thanks for reading, follow me if you wish! (you do wish)!


7 thoughts on “I’ve Got The Post-Travel Blues…

  1. Love the post! I totally get what you mean. But as you’ve been told, do look at home through the eyes of a tourist, perhaps inspiration would hit hard again. There must be new attractions around.

    Thanks for liking my recent post. I like your way with words so would definitely be following.

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  2. This is a good problem to have, I think. You can start by looking at home like a tourist, because bacon flavored beans are not a common thing around the world! Look at home with fresh eyes!
    And if all else fails, the world is always waiting for you!

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