Looking Round Lisbon!

I’d been in Portugal, specifically Lisbon, for four days before I actually ventured into the city centre. When I got there it lived up to everything I was hoping for, and more! I thought perhaps it may feel like a typical Spanish city, but it was so much more than that- arty and unique, with something to look at round every corner.

This is going to be a pretty photo heavy post, my apologies, but pictures speak a thousand words, and no-one wants to read that much writing.


The first thing we noticed when leaving the metro (except from the various offers of hash and cocaine) was this big old boy. Mighty impressive, and just beyond it was an array of bars and restaurants, some of which I recognised from the NOS Alive festival I’d been to prior to this visit into the city.



Just through the arch was the waterfront, where we stopped and had a breather for a while in the glorious sunshine. There’s little seats right up against the water, which let you soak up the ambience and enjoy the buskers playing their music.


I can’t write about Lisbon without mentioning the trams and funiculars. They really are everywhere, and the bright yellow makes them so iconic. The city is super hilly/stair-y, so it makes sense you’d get a lift up, but we decided to stick to our old fashioned leg power.


Of course, I stopped at a great bakery for a pastel de nata- an egg custard tart which Lisbon is very famous for. It was still warm and, although I’m not a custard guy, I devoured this.


The streets were often very narrow and maze like- jutting off all over the place, and finding our way round was no easy mission. But the place was beautiful. Rather uniquely, everywhere was decorated in bright coloured tinsel, which made Lisbon feel more like Brazil than Spain.


We stopped to have a look at this man made elevator from 1901, which is pretty impressive. I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it before…


How does a city become so arty? Lisbon has something incredible to see everywhere you go and it’s never ending! Plus, most of it is genuinely really good! I think this was partly what made the city so great for me; it gives it character and individuality!


Being a city over so many levels, there was a lot of incredible viewpoints. The view of orange roof after orange roof never fails to give you that holiday feeling, and it’s a pretty spectacular place!

I really enjoyed Lisbon, and I feel like although we spent 6 days in the city, we could’ve easily spent another 6! I’m eager to go back at some point. Thanks for reading, and please give me a follow to get more of this stuff straight into your inbox!


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